Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Feature!

Team Awesome is adding a new sporadic feature to the mix.  Team Awesome Photos!  We've been talking about doing this for a while, but waited for Jen to move across the ocean and get settled and become happily unemployed before we started up.  The idea is we'll come up with a word - a theme or adjective- and each put up a photo based on that word.  The word I picked to kick it off is PURPLE.

Jen is spending a weekend in France with her family, so she sent me her picture to edit and put together.  The idea is that which ever one of us comes up with the word will also create the diptych and post it.

So here's the first one!
Jen's photo of French jam is on the left, My photo of purple flowers from my yard is on the right.
(click thru to Flickr for a larger photo)

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