Friday, February 26, 2010

Ribbons and bows and sparklies, oh my!

We live.  Just busy.  But, I have a feeling the floodgates are about to open up!

Alicia sent me the cutest craft and I had SO much fun with it.  Even better, my daughter scored. It all started off with these instructions (which I thought were pretty spanking awesome):

I set up all the goodies Al sent me:

I knocked out approximately three hairbows and then my glue gun crapped out.  Which sounds like a setback, but actually I was totally stoked at the chance to run down to Michaels and pick up the super cute pink glue gun I wanted anyway.

I got back, fired up the cuteness and had SO much fun.  My daughter got involved, picking out the ribbons she wanted and the "flair" she wanted added to each pin.  Then, she refused to leave my side, intent on averting any accidental mixup of the 12839387423293 hairbows she had picked out for herself with the 5 or so hairbows she had assigned to various friends.

Here's the finished haul:

One of them apparently tipped over and somehow I didn't notice that despite shooting about a dillion pictures of the lot.

Some of them came out really well:

Others of them didn't quite work out the way I had hoped:

I had a blast and my daughter cleaned. up.  All around WIN!

I sent Al's next craft off to her last week, so look for that next...


  1. Those look totally great! I'm super impressed, and I'm even happier that you had so much fun doing the project! I did a few for my girl after I sent this craft off to you, and I think I've worn the clips more than she has. She's a bit of a free spirit when it comes to her hair, though. Your baby girl, however, always had adorable hair, and I'm so glad she's as in to them as I hoped she would be!

  2. wow that's a great idea!!!! thanks =D