Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It’s been a looooooong time coming…

You may remember that Alicia sent me two crafts in her first dispatch. I’ve been working on craft #2 for, uh…let’s not go there. Between training my replacement at work, prepping the house for sale and general extracurriculars and sports/household stuff/kids gotta eat/etc…, I’ve had a tough time squeezing in the fun stuff like this adorable stuffed owl kit.

Alicia suggested I let Cheeseball (my four year old little girl) help sew up the smaller owl, which was a fantastic idea! Unfortch, trying to squeeze that in to daytime hours just didn’t happen and I finally gave up and completed it myself. She’ll be the beneficiary of the two little owls, though, and that completely makes her sparkly little day.

This kit was a lot of fun and so, so easy. Alicia is one smart cookie and knows that a craft kit that includes all the materials and is designed for the skillset of a smallish child is right in my craft sweetspot.

I think I actually managed to execute just as well as a smallish child if you pretend not to notice the fact that these poor little owls are woefully understuffed. Even without the giant leftover blob of fluff, I can tell these needed more belly. Which leads into my very few tips for the project:

Sew up to the recommended opening on both owls before stuffing either.

Stuff, sew the recommended opening mostly closed, then stuff some more.
Yep, that’s it. Seriously – so, so easy, you guys!



  1. I just LOVE these little guys! I'm glad I bought a second kit for us to do. They're SO CUTE!

    And I have tons of faith in your abilities, my creativity in creating a kit of my own is where I'm lacking. LOL. But - good stuff to come!

    Looking forward to a picture thing. And even more, to you having some time off work!

  2. found you from a flikr group. Great blog! And great idea, I'll be reading with interest!

  3. I had to award 12 people a blog award and I picked you as one. If you go to my blog you can accept your award.
    Abi x

  4. I had no idea AG made craft kits! My older daughter will be so excited.

  5. your owls are too cute. reminds me of this party theme below from hostess with the mostess. someone i can follow seriously needs to have this for their kids, i'm considering working on having some just so i can throw them this party! lol :)

  6. @Abi - Thanks! We're looking forward to some personal changes that will bring much more free time to devote to this little spot in the near future.

    @Chris - The kit is very nice quality too. Hope she enjoys!

    @Rachel - Thanks! And thanks for turning me on to those adorable party plans! I love owls and everything about that party is just way too cute!