Monday, July 19, 2010

Days Go By

I just completed my most recent craft from Al! She had written recently about creating a perpetual calendar for herself, and she sent the ingredients off to me for my own. She did all the heavy lifting for me...counting out the pages and sticking little post-it notes in where I needed to start months and leave pages blank. Much easier for me and I got to concentrate on the aesthetics, instead!

I started off with this handsome journal.

my new perpetual calendar!

I think I may go back and mod podge a decorative paper over the cover. But, I want to knock out a few other things first and make sure I've got mod podge skeelz before I take them to the calendar. It is supposed to be perpetual, after all.

Then, I designed header pages for each of the months. I started out by hand, but didn't like the direction I was taking. Rather than embellish out the page and try to steer around to the right direction, I decided to reverse course entirely and design the pages on the computer.

calendar month pageTake 1.

I used some gorgeous, graphic drop caps but ended up outside of the usage limits set by their designer and am therefore leaving those out of the pictures.

month pagesAh, that's better.

Here's a glimpse of all the months.

perpetual calendar monthly page collage

The last step was to go back through and start adding in the dates I want to remember.

calendar pages

I'm color coding (because I always color code when given the opportunity). I made myself this handy little key that I tucked up front and will add to if I think of other important date categories. Any suggestions?

I'm really happy with the way this turned out! I love having this perpetual calendar and I love having an impetus to reach out and gather dates that I've wanted to know but never got around to finding out.

And now I'm heading down to the post office to get Al's next project in the mail!



  1. This is a good Idea! I have birthday's in my calendar, but I haven't color coded it! I'd love it if you'd come link up to my Topsy Turvy Tuesday party!

  2. Thanks Ashlee, we'll have to stop by and link up next week!

    Kaysi, thank you!