Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Idea

I've had a bust of a crafting blog for a few years now. I used it to post some things I had made, pictures I had taken, quilts I'd pieced and quilted, aprons I'd made and sent to friends. But it was is basically a flop. I don't do enough stuff quickly enough to really blog about it because I also have a life, you know. Including parenting two kids and watching a LOT of television.

This morning, as I was applying my makeup, I was texting my good friend Jen. I asked her if she was crafting again yet. She had a crafting blog too. I won't say if it failed or succeeded, but I do think it's been about two years since she's posted anything. And she's only been back to work for a year. She mainly posted about cross stitch projects that she had done. She is the reason I started doing cross stitch in the first place, and she's done some really beautiful projects. But I think after a while she just stitched herself out. I can relate to that.

Anyway, before she could answer, I suggest that we join together to do ONE crafting blog, which makes it more fun, more encouraging, and half the work. She sent me a link to a really cute gnome project she saw and we briefly touched on the idea of sending each other projects to do and blog about. I'm not really sure how this idea will evolve, but I'm excited to go hit up JoAnn or Michaels and see what I come up with for her to do first.